«Der Königssohn vom Schwarzwald»

”... A wonderful mythical yarn that lasts four hours in a radio play format (CD-version is abridged by 50 minutes) is more than mere musical story-telling and is fully in tune with listeners' immediate feelings. Roland Breitenfeld has woven a 'Tone-gobelin' tapestry for this play - recorded at the experimental-studio of the Heinrich-Strobel-Foundation - which captures extensive sequences of the fairytale of the future. The composer: I have tried to compose the single music parts in accordance with the complexity of the manuscript, e.g. in its historical development in terms of background limitations. At the same time the contents and formal limitations give a homogeneous shape to the different directions of style at play in the composition ...”
(Christian Hörburger, Funk-Korrespondenz No.50, 13.12.1996)

”... All these themes are elaborately interwoven by Thomas Lehner who invents all the strange figures. His speech is exceptionally rich and resonant of the plain simplicity of fairytales and legends with an origin strong sense of musicality. This epic setting was produced by Thomas Blubacher who performed the work with an enormous budget partly using largescale location shooting creating an equal delight for sensual narration. A radio play par excellence. The third in this league, the composer Roland Breitenfeld, has created a piece of music that is dramatically mysterious and poetic at one and the same time. The forces of nature like water and storms captivate the ears, figures and events are characterised subjectively and tersely, this is a modern symphonic work with a grandiose imaginativeness and great dramatic discipline. ... ”

(Renate Stinn, epd/ Kirche und Rundfunk No.97, 11.12.1996)