«Soharas Reise»

”... My favourite CD is "Soharas Reise" which contains a radio play of the story of the same name by Barbara Honigmann. The main actors include Ulrike Folkerts in her first radio play in the role of the African Jewess Sohara Serfaty from Oran. Together with the elderly German Jewess Miss Kahn (played by Hannelore Hoger) they fetch her six children back from Latin-America where they have been kidnapped by her husband. The interesting thing with this CD is the personal inclusion of the listener in the conversation because the author and actors interact with the work at the level of both text and speech. The excellent radio play version is directed by Gerwig Epkes; on top of this, the music by Roland Breitenfeld is just the thing. ...”
(Andrea Wühr, Lesen mit den Ohren, Kulturspiegel, June 1998)